Ask an #SMXpert: LinkedIn ads and search — The ultimate knockout punch

The Ask the SMXpert series continues the question and answer (Q&A) segment of sessions held at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) West 2018.

The following Q&A is from “Using Search Ads and Social to Deliver The Ultimate Knockout Punch” with AJ Wilcox.

Question: For LinkedIn Advertising, what would be a good test dollar amount or time amount to know if it would work for us, and how would you go about getting started?

AJ: It’s less about the time period and more about the amount of data for testing into LinkedIn. We’ve found that after an account has spent between $3,000 and $5,000 is normally when two offers reach statistical significance to the conversion.

That means if you spend it in one day or whether it takes six months, you’d get the same insights.

We certainly prefer to see that data gathered quickly, just so seasonality can’t affect it too much.

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