How a Top Account Executive is Closing Big Deals with Video

Bethany Bohme is a top Account Executive (AE) at MediaValet, a digital asset management software provider who is in the business of helping global companies organize, manage and share valuable digital assets.

To help build more personal connections with her accounts, Bethany recently introduced video as part of her selling process. She’s had great success so far including helping to close a large deal for MediaValet. You can learn all about her experiences in the video and post below.

In the beginning, Bethany was a little skeptical. Vidyard GoVideo was a new addition to the tech stack at MediaValet and she had to get used to the idea of adding video to her cadence. As an AE, Bethany would be leveraging video in a later part of the sales cycle (e.g., to go over pricing proposals or answer complex questions) rather than a prospecting use case leveraged by the sales or business development teams.

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