The Secrets Of Video Marketing In 2018

In a report from Ascend2, video marketing effectiveness has increased for 87 percent of companies.  This rating means products or services are being sold more efficiently in a specific market using video marketing.  

Forbes calls video marketing the future of content marketing. A recent study found that more than 50 percent of viewers of video marketing products were more likely to buy a product after watching a video demonstration of that product.


Unlike in the old days when video marketing meant bringing a video disc to a live audience and presenting the product similar to a movie house, video marketing 2018 can be done in the comfort of an office and viewed by thousands or millions of people worldwide.


The video marketing climate, culture, and technology have offered a combination of pathways with the web as the superhighway.  This new method means the audiovisual impact of video material is higher than that of a print media without an accompanying multimedia attachment.


Today’s video marketing components include: a description or concept of a product made into a script, a visual movie component with cinematography, audio or element of voice-over, similar to the making of a movie combining digital editing or packaging component or the post-production aspect.


Next, consider the some popular platforms of video marketing, such as: YouTube, broadcast television, video boards, street marketing, and websites specializing in the broadcasting of commercial video material.  However, not all of these websites would readily accept any video presentation for posting, since the technology of video production and post-production has advanced to the point where cinematographic filmmaking effects have invaded the influenced many producers.  


Video marketing 2018 is part of digital marketing, a significant result of which is its cost-effectiveness, and the ability encourage  viewers to purchase the product or services advertised by a company through video marketing. Viewers would assume that the video package is of high quality and can successfully communicate across different types of viewers or audiences.


The essential approach or method of video marketing 2018 has not changed since its inception many years ago.  There is the production process, followed by the post-production process, and finally the distribution process.


 These are the three interrelated approaches. The production and post-production aspects of video marketing determine whether the video story will be appreciated by viewers when posted on existing sites like YouTube, or whether the video will become “viral” or not.  

A study presented by found that more than 50 percent of consumers online were more likely to purchase a product they were considering buying after watching a video demonstration of that product. This means the audiovisual impact of video material is higher than that of a single press release without accompanying multimedia attachments.  


Video marketing 2018 may be seen as a form of selling online.  Its components include one that addresses the search engine ranking for SEO.  Video marketing today has significantly higher retention rates than independent photo presentations or press story releases, reaching as high as 80 percent. This makes video marketing highly efficient.

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