Video Affiliate Marketing

When someone promotes other people’s products through an affiliate network, this is what affiliate marketing is all about. The one who does the selling of the product mainly through an online system is known as an affiliate marketer is paid by commission. Video affiliate marketing is primarily about selling a product or products for others. This so-called “others” are merchants or product owners, whether these are individuals, small business groups, or large companies.

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Essentially, video affiliate marketing has the same production requirements as video marketing, but the functional components vary slightly. Video affiliate marketing also includes a product or service(s) description or concept translated into a script, a visual movie component with cinematography, audio or element of voice-over, and a digital editing or packaging component (also known as post-production). These production components are part of a plan similar to the making of a movie.

Affiliate marketing using video allows one to make a direct appeal to a person’s emotions through music. With video, the producer is also able to attach a face that talks to a concept such as a product or service. The human connection through video, therefore, is more influential than reading facts in a press release or print story.

Developing an affiliate video marketing campaign is accomplished by conducting market research followed by competitive analysis and the gathering target market insights. Once the information is completed, the affiliate marketer can shape the strategy and determine the message of the video story.

After creating a strategy and developing a storyboard, one can find a production company to make the story and script come to life. The need for a professional production company is to assure the quality of the video marketing. A well-made video can be a perfect tool to sell the products or services of others online.

Forbes calls video marketing the future of content marketing. But combining other formats with video affiliate marketing will have high impact on the response of the viewing audience to the products being sold online. For higher efficiency, digital convergence and connectivity are integrated into existing internal networks and external systems in the form of various devices, and interfacing with computer networks, communication systems, and consumer electronics, including the entertainment medium and standard mass media.

Television advertising is a classic example of how video stimuli are “punched” into the mind of the viewer to get the viewer’s attention and interest. The affiliate marketing agent may advertise the products that he or she chooses to sell on a website, or through social media, specifically, Facebook and Twitter. For consumer products, the most prominent known network is Amazon. The Amazon Associates affiliate program allows any qualified agent to join the program and sell Amazon products.

Video affiliate marketing may use the advertising advantage in press release distribution the form of a news story plus its multimedia components or attachments in the way of an image or digital photo, audio and video. This process is substantially the same as product advertising, except that a press story is longer and is more detailed than a product description. The multimedia attachments include the major video story selling others’ products or services.

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