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If you are beginning to make a video material for marketing purposes, you should be aware that video marketing is part of digital marketing. One of the significant results generated out of utilizing a digital marketing service is its cost-effectiveness, and the ability persuade viewers to buy the product or services of a particular person, business, or company.

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The use of digital marketing is on the assumption that the video package is of high quality and can successfully communicate across different types of viewers or audiences.

A study found that “57 percent of online consumers were more likely to buy a product they were considering purchasing after watching a video demonstration of that product.” This means the audiovisual impact of a video material is higher than that of a single press release without accompanying multimedia attachments.

One should be aware of the underlying video marketing components that include: a product or service(s) description or concept that is translated into a script, a visual movie component with cinematography, audio or element of voice-over, and a digital editing or packaging component (also known as post-production). These components are part of a plan that is similar to the making of a movie.

Next, consider the many platforms for video marketing, primarily, YouTube, broadcast television, video boards, street marketing, and websites specializing in the broadcasting of commercial video material. However, not all of these websites would readily accept any video presentation for posting, since the technology of video production and post-production has advanced to the point where cinematographic filmmaking effects have invaded the influenced many producers.

In some cases, one can do video affiliate marketing which is primarily about selling a product or products for others. Affiliate marketing using video allows one to make a direct appeal to a person’s emotions through music. With video, the producer is also able to attach a face that talks to a concept such as a product or service. The human connection through video, therefore, is more influential than reading facts in a press release or print story.

When undertaking a video marketing project, always consider the need for a professional production company, especially if the company or business has no expertise or experience in the making of video material. This move is to assure the quality of the video marketing. A well-made video can be a perfect tool to sell the products or services of others online.

For higher efficiency, digital convergence and connectivity are integrated into existing internal networks and external systems in the form of various devices, and interfacing with computer networks, communication systems, and consumer electronics, including the entertainment medium and standard mass media. Television advertising is a classic example of how video stimuli are “punched” into the mind of the viewer to get the viewer’s attention and interest.

Consider the use of the advertising advantage by including a press release attached to the video package. The press release in the form of a news story plus its multimedia components or attachments such as digital photo, audio and video will have a more significant impact on the viewing audience. This process is mostly the same as product advertising but one that is maximized for better communication. The most critical component, however, is the video marketing material.

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